Friday, December 2, 2011

No Handlebars AMV

    The amount of different anime in this AMV is staggering. Can't even imagine how long it took to gather all the clips for this AMV. 

    A quote from the author "The reason why I wanted to make this AMV is because I fell in love with the song" that sounds like as good a reason as any.

Song : Flobots - Handlebars
Anime : Yumekui Merry, Code Geass, Elfen Lied, Pandora Hearts, Naruto, Clannad, Air, Higurashi no naku koro ni, Ergo Proxy, K-ON!, Soul Eater, Karas, Panty and Stocking with Garterbeld, Lucky Star, Ef a tale of memories, FLCL, The World God Only Knows, Death Note, Steamboy, Chobits, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, GOSICK, Chaos Head, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Togainu no Chi, Hellsing, Otome Yokai Zakuro, Black Rock
Shooter, Kuroshitsuji, Jigoku Shoujo.

    The creator of the AMV explains his creation   "to make my meaning clear (I suck at explaining things, sorry please bear with it) :
    This AMV describes the life of a person who is slowly growing up and learning about the world. First we see the children play, this should represent the person when it's thoughts are still pure and he/she is really happy.
This person is very eager to learn about the world and the things around him/her so bit by bit it learns and it is proud to show the results.
After some time it knows very much, even about things which are dangerous and could cause very much damage if used wrong(like it knows the 'strings that control the system' ).
And from that point you can see that the person is using it's knowledge wrong.
It wants to become powerful and control a country, he wants other humans to obey him/she while threatening them with the things he/she has invented to harm them.
At a certain moment the person has very much might only because the humans under him/her are afraid to be executed(that's what happens to all the others who don't follow...).
At that moment the person sees he/she has gone to far, this isn't what it meant to do when he/she began learning and the person gets some kind of mental breakdown.
From then the person starts all over to live a better life in a peaceful way. (or you can see it as another person who starts as a pure innocent child and is going to be a dictator... -like a loop- ).


Awesomely eerie instrumental.