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Into The Labyrinth - Dubstep

Such great editing skills in this anime music video by lolligerjoj, it was like watching a music visualizer with all the distortions, effects, and transitions going to the beat so well. It must have taken allot of time to get everything synced up just right, not to mention the amount of time that went in to just picking the scenes to be used, am guessing a hundred hours at least. Have seen all three of the anime used to make this AMV and seen them in various other AMVs but this one was very original.

Let Them Eat Rei

This anime music video just bleeds fan made content! The anime Evangelion is held really high among fellow otaku as well as the musician Jonathan Coultan, which this particular song comes from the game Portal by Valve. Fans of Valve and steam (the digital distribution platform) don't just play games, they truly appreciate them as an art form, the same way true anime fans don't watch cartoons, there's a big difference.

Title Goes Here

This anime music video hits the spot! It's fast, electronic, has good visuals, with a great tune. It's music kinda electric or dubstep like, and the text overlays on the AMV where pretty cool.

Get Close

Usually avoid anime music videos like this one, but the AMV has definitely cheered me up.

Kuzo to the Sky

This AMV has some good visuals to the point of looking like a visualizer and the song is pretty good as well, fast and electronic. An interesting part of this anime music video is the first word in the title "Kuzo", which there was no English translation from Japanese, and may not even be a Japanese word. After looking it up this is what was found;