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This is an incredible anime music video, am left pretty much speechless. Will let the author comment on this one. Daaf commented "What is a dream? What is reality?"

Crazy, Maybe


Lili (Remake)

A slow paced song with tons of great scenes. Am constantly amazed to keep finding such great anime music videos such as this one. While this song is slow paced the video keeps a nice steady pace with the transitions and goes from scene to scene in a way that makes this AMV a story in it's self.

Song: U-Turn (Lili)
Anime: A remake of a music video from 1999 called Glay - Survival
Editor: ReznikDownload AMV    [ Torrent ]

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This video has left me speechless, it is quite an amazing piece of artwork. A great example of a well thought out anime music video, Very beautiful and atmospheric, plus the end has a pleasant surprise.

Nostromatic Silence


Born to Survive

Nothing like a good anime music video, and nothing like some bad broads ready to cut stuff up. The name of the anime used for the this AMV translates to Garden Of The Sinners, which appears to suite it well with regards to all the violence in the video. This anime looks pretty interesting from what is shown in the AMV. It is actually a series of 7 movies, 1 special, and 2 side-story movies all based off a series of light novels with the same name.


Really like Shin's AMVs they are just amazing. So artistic, such awesome editing skills, these anime music videos are filled with such emotion can't help but be moved by them. Keep up the great work Shin!

Magic Eye

Shin has another top notch anime music video, featuring Steins; Gate. Thought the name of the anime was a typo, after looking it up on found out it is actually spelled with the ";". The anime looks interesting too, adding it to my watch list for sure. The story is about a couple of people who found out how to send text messages to the past by putting a cell phone in a microwave.

Put Ya Guns On!

Quite an amazing AMV, especially liked the intro, the video fast paced, with good music. Check Out the links below to read about the anime series this AMV was made from, and to download the video as well.

Quantum Ripple



The editor definately had music visualizers in mind when this AMV was created, the video is an amazing technical feet the timing, 3d warping, and use arrays.

True Face - Dub Step AMV

This is a very technically impressive video. The music is dubstep with guitar riffs and sounds pretty good, the style of this AMV went perfectly with the music. The transitions and effects where done really well, the way the scenes of different anime blended together was superb

Synthetic Heroine (AMV)


Aurora Borealis


Naruto - Jailbreak

This AMV is a comedy skit without words. The editor definitely put some effort into the video, it is short but still a good example of the editors skills and creativity.

The Universe


Manga Music Video - Berserk

It's a pretty rare occasion when a new chapter of Berserk comes out, this calls for a Manga Music Video

Under! Where?

This AMV, rocks, it's fast, it's funny, and any poor soul who sees it will probably be humming the song for the next couple weeks. The AMV has quite a bit of otaku fan fare in it, couldn't help but laugh at a couple parts.

Confused Memories

This AMV is made from one of my favorite animes, the Higurashi series. The Higurarshi series is a mystery, horror, and psychological thriller anime where the story is told in a series of different scenarios. The song isn't to bad either, it set's the mood just right. The editor KOCTONPAB did an amazing job with this AMV, and look forward to exploring more of his work.

Dare to Love Again

A perfect match between the anime and song, this editor did a really good job of presenting a story through this AMV. Such a good job in fact that I was moved by this AMV.

Song: Carnival of Rust
Artist: Poets of the Fall
Anime: Clannad -  Watch this AMV
Editor: Perfect-Blue

Disco Heaven

A nice fast paced dance AMV. The reference to the strawberry cake at the beginning and end is from the first-person shooter/puzzle game Portal.

Song: Lady Gaga - Disco Heaven
Anime: Listed at the end of the AMV, and at the Download link
Editor: JudgeHolden

The Clap

1st post of the year is an AMV by Ileia. This AMV is fast paced and pretty funny, Ileia did a great job at putting together this video. The song and dance scenes go well together, and am amazed at how smoothly the scenes transitions given the speed and tempo of the song.

Song: The Clap
Artist: Infant Sorrow
Anime: See Full List and Download the Original
Editor: Ileia