Thursday, July 7, 2011

Berserk MMV - Fix You

    Just heard that there is a live action Berserk film coming by January 2012, and though that a Berserk MMV or AMV is in order. Got an old blog post Berserk MMV Called The Beast Within Berserk is rated by many to be the all time best manga ever, and would agree. It has been in a slow but steady production since December 1, 1990, and am always ecstatic to see a new issue of the amazingly epic manga. So one could only imagine how we reacted to here that a live action film is coming, to put it plainly, jumped up and cheered. Then though, they better not mess this up! The film we be broken into a series, and will cover the whole manga (or so they say).

   Artist: Coldplay
   Song: Fix You
   Manga: Berserk

   Artist: AFI
   Song: Home is Nowhere
   Manga: Berserk


Awesomely eerie instrumental.