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To Be More Conscious

To be more conscious is a pretty deep term, encapsulating philosophy and psychology. What are the actual benefits of becoming more conscious?  Why would anyone care to do this?  And what the heck does it even mean to raise your consciousness anyway?

    While raising your consciousness can certainly enhance your spiritual development, this isn’t really a spiritual issue at its core.  It’s really about hardcore mental development.

    What does it mean to become more conscious?  I have found that it is defined as the progressive realization of conscious mastery over your mind.  This includes all of the following:
making careful, intelligent, and deliberate decisionsmaintaining a positive emotional state regardless of circumstancesdeveloping empowering beliefs while purging disempowering onesunderstanding your own thought processes, emotions, and behaviorsstaying focused on what’s most important while tuning out distractionsbuilding an accurate and effective model of reality     All o…

BitterSweet Desire

Member of Tsusksin, has created one awesome AMV. The mood of the video was right up my alley, it is good old goth. The song goes amazingly well to the anime. Tsuskin's  editing skills and artistic eye really come out in this video. Made in 2007.

Afew words from the creator, Tsuskin "Overall I have no clue how much time I spent working on this, because I kept putting it off, and sometimes I'd go a couple months without even touching it, but here it is, lol. I had the idea after listening to the song and I wanted to make a video for it. After looking through my anime collection I thought to myself "hey this would go really well with Petite Cossette", and after giving it some thought and watching it once through I realized just how perfect they were for each other.

This video is about the relationship Eiri and Cossette have. Cossette hates him because his soul belonged to the man that killed her 250 years ago and she believes he is the same …

Bleed the Sky

Artist: Reveille- Bleed The Sky
AkiraArmitage III: PolymatrixBlood: The Last VampireGhost in the ShellHellsingNeon Genesis Evangelion (End of Evangelion)Ninja Scroll (Movie)Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X - 1st OVA (Tsuiokuhen, Trust & Betrayal)SprigganStreet Fighter II:The Animated MovieTrigunVampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Editor: Tsukin -->

    I like this video, and it is a turn in the opposite direction attitude wise. The last AMV posts have been cherry and bright, and this one is dark and violent, but there is a quote that goes as so, " life is like a picture it takes the negative to develop.". Guess that's pretty accurate, although vague.

I Love The World

Life is one hell of an amazing thing, the creators of this AMV would agree with me. This song is awesome, the AMV made me smile, and would like to pass that on.

    Life is Beautiful - a great video that does a pretty good job of displaying emotion. The creator of this AMV has recently started a new website. Premonition Studios On it she has allot of AMV and tutorials for proprietary tools such as, adobe after-affects. Unlike this site, where you'll find tutorials for open-source software (free).