Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Day Closer To Summer ^_^

WARNING- Rated "R" for 'retarded'.


 Premiered: September 21, 2007

AMV Hell rises from the ashes for one final blowout! We thought that AMV Hell 3 couldn't be topped, but we were dead wrong. Well over 1,000 videos were submitted for consideration into this project. They compiled together the best of the best in order to create what will be remembered as the best AMV Project in the history of ever.  The video clock in at just about an hour and a half long.

# Anime Song Artist Editor
1 Previous AMV Hells Sound Clip Drawn Together Yoko Seishirou & Zarxrax
2 AMV Hell 3, Azumanga Daioh, Boku no Sexual Harassment Amv Hell 4 Opening Theme Adam "Penguin" Hoge & Daniel Hoge Zarxrax
3 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Welcome To Dying (Live) Blind Guardian Gepetto
4 Eiken Bra Size 45 Ivor Biggun Luke Harris
5 Azumanga Daioh Special Olympics Stephen Lynch Blacksheep998
6 Death Note I'm Not Okay (I Promise) My Chemical Romance SSGWNBTD
7 Howl's Moving Castle Burnin' For You Blue Oyster Cult Aleciel
8 Hellsing Sharp Dressed Man ZZ Top Corpsegoddess
9 Full Metal Alchemist Sound Clip Family Guy DreNaZ
10 Akira I'm Fat Weird Al Yancovic Blacksheep998
11 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya One Of Us Joan Osborne J-san
12 Afro-Ken Godzilla Blue Oyster Cult FraChan
13 A Little Snow Fairy Sugar In The End Linkin Park Maru-sha
14 Dragon Ball Z Dragostea Din Tei O-Zone Captain1finger
15 Pani Poni Dash The Picard Song DarkMateria Haunter103
16 Claymore The Purple People Eater Sheb Wooley SSGWNBTD
17 Bleach Baby Stephen Lynch Qyot27
18 Cowboy Bebop Hide And Seek Imogen Heap Aesling
19 Ninja Scroll (TV) I Whupped Batman's Ass Wesley Willis Blaku92
20 Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi Sugar System of a Down LC_Lapen
21 Azumanga Daioh (Don't Fear) The Reaper Blue Oyster Cult (Saturday Night live Cowbell sketch) Doki doki
22 Excel Saga Sound Clip Star Wars Episode 3 Dorun
23 Hello Kitty Kitty Cat Dance Steve Ibsen Fall_Child42
24 Dragon Ball Z the Movie: The World's Strongest Brian Boitano South Park TheRealInferno
25 Neon Genesis Evangelion Crawling Linkin Park No Shirt Belt Squad
26 Death Note Unwritten Natasha Bedingfield SSGWNBTD
27 Galaxy Angel Sound Clips MXC Haunter103
28 Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water Lost (End Credits) Michael Giacchino Neodym
29 One Piece Fantastic 4 Theme Giorgio Moroder Spookzter
30 Death Note Iori Laugh King Of Fighters 97 SSGWNBTD
31 Grenadier You Spin Me Right Round Dead or Alive Luke Harris
32 Dragon Ball, Azumanga Daioh, School Rumble 2, Midori no Hibi, Hare+Guu Two Ton Paperweight Psychostick Gryzlee
33 Sumomomo Momomo Hooked On A Feeling David Hasselhoff Phatpug
34 Death Note Candyman Christina Aguilera Corpsegoddess
35 Azumanga Daioh Circle Of Life The Lion King Gilbertaw
36 Guilty Gear X promotion video I'm Mr. Bad Guy Freddy Mercury The Left Brothers
37 Welcome To The NHK Because I Got High Afroman Haunter103
38 Pokemon Getting Jiggy Wit It Will Smith Zarxrax
39 FFXI Online Sound Clip Army of Darkness Kiarrens & Jonel & Quill
40 Cromartie High School Youth Of The Nation P.O.D. LC_Lapen
41 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya It's The End Of The World As We Know It REM Kosh_003
42 One Piece Sound Clip Epic Movie Quazza97
43 Goldenboy White And Nerdy Weird Al Yankovic Phatpug
44 Inuyasha I Wanna Rock Twisted Sister Plan B
45 Yotsuba&! (manga) Tony's Theme, Ezekiel 25:17 Giorgio Moroder, Pulp Fiction Soundtrack Janzki
46 Ping Pong Club Ping Pong Dolly Parton Doki doki
47 Hare+Guu Maneater Hall and Oates Pudgy Poultry Productions
48 Pokemon Mambo No. 5 Lou Bega Roshinku
49 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya The Girls Of Rock And Roll The Chipmunks and The Chipettes Skye-chan
50 Ragnarok The Animation Sound Clip Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust, Shaun of the Dead Sneakyfridge
51 Soul Link Stuck In A Moment U2 DreNaZ
52 Fruits Basket Hound Dog Elvis Presely RedDragonZ37
53 One Piece Liar Henry Rollins SSGWNBTD
54 Inuyasha Sound Clip Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Plan B
55 Death Note Ready To Die Andrew W.K. SSGWNBTD
56 Kyo Kara Maoh! Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep Bob Rivers Corpsegoddess
57 Wolf's Rain They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haaa! Napoleon XIV Phatpug
58 Azumanga Daioh Centerfold J. Geils Band Purplepolecat
59 Naruto Shiny Teeth And Me Fairly Odd Parents Spookzter
60 Hellsing Shoot Me Again Metallica AmPsy
61 School Rumble 2 Sound Clips Counterstrike Source Behemoth666
62 Love Hina Christmas Special Wizards In Winter Transiberian Orchestra Cyanna
63 Death Note My Name Is Eminem Sinistro
64 The Gokusen Flash's Theme Queen Inkwolf
65 Crayon Shin-Chan I Need More Allowance The Beets Listentohowardstern
66 Dragon Ball Z Sand In Your Eyes Mustard Phatpug
67 Berserk Lotion Greens Keepers SSGWNBTD
68 Najica Fart Contest Family Guy Parodic Productions
69 Kodomo no Omocha Sunglasses at Night Corey Hart Aleciel
70 Lucky Star Lucky Star Madonna SSGWNBTD
71 Dragon Ball Z Do The Mario Haim Saban & Shuki Levi Gokenshadow
72 Spirited Away Great Mighty Poo Conker's Bad Furday Soundtrack Yoko Seishirou
73 Death Note The Ballad Of Timothy McSweeny They Might Be Giants Jesmaster
74 Naruto Padam Kwan Kotti
75 One Piece Dancing Queen ABBA LC_Lapen
76 Those Who Hunt Elves Yoda Weird Al Yankovic Luke Harris
77 Pokemon, Excel Saga Pokemon Blue Title Theme, Super Smash Bros. Melee Sound Effects Junichi Masuda, Super Smash Bros. Melee Sinistro
78 Eiken Maniac Michael Sembello Zarxrax
79 Fullmetal Alchemist Can't Stop The Rock Apollo 440 Miracle Gamer
80 Berserk (manga) This Is Sparta Audio 300 SSGWNBTD
81 Lucky Star Come To Daddy Aphex Twin ZephyrStar
82 Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Where's Your Head At Basement Jaxx Sakuraslight
83 Lucky Star E3 Sound Clip Kazuo Hirai Zarxrax
84 Rumiko Takahashi Anthology A Whole New World Disney's Aladdin MDA
85 FLCL Aoao (Royal Mix) DJ Sharpnel Phatpug
86 Fruits Basket Bulls On Parade Rage Against the Machine ForeverZeroo
87 Battle Athletes Victory Living In A Box Living in a Box Zarxrax
88 Full Metal Alchemist Iron Man Black Sabbath Groomgurl
89 Spirited Away How Do You Spank A Giant Baby Ze Frank Strawberry Key
90 Death Note Pinky and the Brain Theme Pinky and the Brain Kosh_003
91 Iga no Kabamaru Poetry In Motion Johnny Tillotson Sinistro
92 Azumanga Daioh She Drives Like Crazy Weird Al Yankovic Corpsegoddess
93 Hare+Guu Deluxe Yatta! Happa-tai Spookzter
94 Excel Saga Big Ass Rock The Full Monty HypnoCircle
95 Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa The Future Soon Jonathan Coulton Cytherea Rose
96 Amazing Nuts! I Like Your Booty (But I'm Not Gay) Dana Swanson SSGWNBTD
97 Elfen Lied T.N.T. AC/DC No Shirt Belt Squad
98 Naruto Girlfriend Avril Lavine Kyuketshki
99 Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem Blue (Da Ba Dee) Eiffel 65 Phatpug
100 Bleach Starman, Lose A Life Super Mario Bros. Qyll
101 Revolutionary Girl Utena Bitchin' Camaro Dead Milkmen Purplepolecat
102 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Candid Camera Bob Crane with Iris Adrian RHOPKINS13
103 Cowboy Bebop Scotty Doesn't Know Lustra KentaroPJJ
104 Kanon Jammin Bob Marley Spookzter
105 Puni Puni Poemy Dont Worry, Be Happy Bobby McFerrin Zarxrax
106 Final Fantasy X & X-2 And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going Jennifer Hudson Listentohowardstern
107 Naruto A Complicated Song Weird Al Yankovic Hungry Sano
108 Dragon Ball Z Trapped At The Drive-Thru Weird Al Yancovic Luke Harris
109 Serial Experiments Lain Technologic Daft Punk Sneakyfridge
110 Scrapped Princess Double Team Tenacious D Yoko Seishirou
111 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Tribute Tenacious D Thaurlom
112 Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS Ass Up! (Ic3M4N Remix) Baracuda starcat09
113 Ebichu Nobody Likes Me Classic Children's Song Doki doki
114 Revolutionary Girl Utena Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul Corpsegoddess
115 Dragon Ball Z Unleash The Dragon Sisqo Spookzter
116 Azumanga Daioh Bodies Drowning Pool Maru-sha
117 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya The Time Warp The Rocky Horror Picture Show Donutgrrrl
118 Dragon Ball Z The One The Rock Spookzter
119 Outlaw Star Feel Like Makin' Love South Park Blacksheep998
120 Ichigo Mashimaro Ridin Chamillionaire Sbuk
121 Konjiki no Gash Bell The Boxman Smosh Spookzter
122 Hare+Guu Santa Claus Bob Rivers A Well Known Stranger
123 FLCL Tin Can Hit Man Robotronica Awol360
124 Seto no Hanayome Main Title (Terminator 2 Theme) Terminator 2 - Judgment Day Astral
125 Akira Basket Case Green Day Zarxrax
126 Resident Evil 4 Knife Fight Lemon Demon Phatpug
127 One Piece In The Navy Village People Spookzter
128 Chobits It's All About The Pentiums Weird Al Yancovic Kosh_003
129 Dragon Ball Z Acceptable in the 80s Calvin Harris TrialandError
130 Death Note Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA Basshunter SSGWNBTD
131 Neon Genesis Evangelion All The Small Things Blink 182 Zarxrax
132 Death Note Maybe I'm A Lion The Black Mages SSGWNBTD
133 Excel Saga Danger Zone Kenny Loggins TekDude
134 Azumanga Daioh Every Time We Touch Cascada Surly Squid
135 Hellsing Move Your Dead Bones Dr. Re-Animator Phatpug
136 Neon Genesis Evangelion Equivalencies, River Side King Missile, Joe Hisaishi SSGWNBTD
137 One Piece Hip To Be Square Huey Lewis and The News Haunter103
138 Death Note Fingertips They Might Be Giants Donutgrrrl
139 Dragon Ball Z Master Exploder Tenacious D Quazza97
140 Hello Kitty's Animation Theatre The March Of The Sinister Ducks The Sinister Ducks Fall_Child42
141 Bleach Ghostbusters Ray Parker Jr. Spookzter
142 Pokemon Sound Clip Geico Commercial Grant10k
143 Monster The Beetis Nathan Eldridge Blaku92
144 Neon Genesis Evangelion Twister Paul and Storm ImmortalArena
145 Excel Saga The Tussin MC Chris Requiett
146 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Normal Bumblefoot SSGWNBTD
147 Azumanga Daioh, Peacemaker Kurogane Sound Clip Beggin' Strips Commercial Corpsegoddess
148 One Piece Corona The Minutemen Spookzter
149 Perfect Blue Teenage Hustling Tori Amos Black Rose Studios
150 Excel Saga and Pet Shop of Horrors Kill The Wabbit Ozzy Fudd (Mark McCollum) Inkwolf
151 Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Maxwell's Silver Hammer The Beatles Actawesome
152 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Black Winter Night DragonForce SSGWNBTD
153 One Piece Sound Clip Popeye the Sailor LC_Lapen
154 Nana Fell In Love With A Girl The White Stripes Purplepolecat
155 Neon Genesis Evangelion Angel Shaggy SSGWNBTD
156 Excel Saga Hard Rock Hallelujah Lordi Dorun
157 Fullmetal Alchemist Lullaby Steven Lynch Kiarrens
158 Serial Experiments Lain, Golgo 13: The Proffessional I Believe I Can Fly R. Kelly Darthgamer
159 Detective Conan A Complicated Song Weird Al Yankovic Yoko Seishirou
160 Sensitive Pornograph Passionate Kisses Mary Chapin Carpenter Zarxrax
161 Death Note HWC Liz Phair SSGWNBTD
162 Evangelion Rodney Carrington Burning Sensation Parodic Productions
163 Naruto The Cuppycake Song Buddy Castle Rinny
164 Azumanga Daioh Bump n' Grind R. Kelly Listentohowardstern
165 End of Evangelion Sound Clip Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Yoko Seishirou
166 Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl I Kissed A Girl Jill Sobule SSGWNBTD
167 Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid Spiderman (Speedo Vrs) Beatbox feat DJ Speedo Zarxrax
168 Elfen Lied Ticks Brad Paisley TheRealInferno
169 Neon Genesis Evangelion I Hate Doing Laundry Psychostick BustRobot
170 Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Girlfriend In A Coma The Smiths Qyot27
171 The Vision of Escaflowne Angry Inch Type O Negative SSGWNBTD
172 Kino's Journey Boom Headshot purepwnage Minion
173 Neon Genesis Evangelion Naked Pictures Electric Six SSGWNBTD
174 Angelic Layer Sound Clip South Park Yoko Seishirou
175 The Cockpit Heut Ist Mein Tag Blumchen Vs Roh SSGWNBTD
176 Hellsing Everyone Has AIDS DVDA Zarxrax
177 Street Fighter Generations Take My Breath Away Berlin TheOni
178 End of Evangelion Party At The Leper Colony Weird Al Yankovic TheRealInferno
179 One Piece Knock Knock Pete and Brian KentaroPJJ
180 Pokemon Marisa wa Taihen na Mono o Nusunde Ikimashita IOSYS W.T. Snacks
181 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Going The Distance Disney's Hercules Yokoseishirou
182 Death Note Hide And Seek Imogen Heap SSGWNBTD
183 End of Evangelion When You Were Young The Killers Kusoyaro
184 Naruto I Love You The Barney Show FraChan
185 Berserk Detachable Penis King Missile SSGWNBTD
186 Sailor Moon Sound Clip Colorful Blaku92
187 Ahiru no Quack Speech To The Youth Adolf Hitler Dorun
188 Akira, Elfen Lied, AWA footage, Outlaw Star, Samruai 7, Tenjou Tenge Smack My Bitch Up Prodigy Minion
189 Kill Bill Vol. 1 I'm Looking Through You The Beatles Kusoyaro
190 Naruto I Get A Kick Out Of You Frank Sinatra AmPsy
191 Fullmetal Alchemist Free VAST Rinny
192 Green Green Don't Cha Pussycat Dolls Yoko Seishirou
193 Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa White Christmas Bing Crosby Kitsuner
194 Please! Twins I'm N Luv (Wit Muh Sister) Seamonkey Zarxrax
195 Grave of the Fireflies Chasing Cars Snow Patrol SSGWNBTD
196 Green Green Beat It Michael Jackson XzmanX
197 Death Note I Love New York City Andrew W.K. SSGWNBTD
198 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni What Is Love Haddaway Omniprezentrezidu & sAdIsTiCmAcHiNe
199 One Piece, Today in Class 5-2 Ya Get Skeeted On Dark Heartz Poochoo
200 End of Evangelion Sound Clip Steve Irwin Minion
201 Lucky Star What's up, people?! Maximum the Hormone Reo
202 Jungle Emperor Leo The Circle Of Life Carmen Twillie TheRealInferno
203 Berserk Jem And The Holograms Theme Freezepop SSGWNBTD
204 Love Hina God Hand Kebin Smith (Panda, No Panda) Luke Harris
205 Negima!? Kiss The Girl Disney's The Little Mermaid RHOPKINS13
206 One Piece Main Theme Captain Planet Spookzter
207 Beck Rusty Cage Johnny Cash Tsunami Jones
208 Dragon Ball Z Fatman Theme Freakazoid Zarxrax
209 Death Note I Love Xmas Tommy Heavenly6 SSGWNBTD
210 Love Hina Golem Freestyle Lords of the Rhymes Matt Colly
211 Fruits Basket Don't Stand So Close To Me The Police Kitsuner
212 Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan Spaceballs The Spinners TheRealInferno
213 Spirited Away Walk On Water Milk Inc. Copymaster1
214 Fullmetal Alchemist Alchemy Mondays Voltaire Corpsegoddess
215 Eiken Mr. Push Up Bra Inventor Bud Light Presents Real Men of Genius Matt Colly
216 Haruhi All Star Smash Mouth Zarxrax
217 Full Metal Alchemist Fitness Made Simple Theme Fitness Made Simple Phatpug
218 Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters GX Ace Of Spades Motorhead TheRealInferno
219 Trigun Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dolly Dots Zarxrax
220 Super Gals Sound Clip Not Another Teen Movie Yoko Seishirou
221 Elfen Lied Why Don't You Get A Job The Offspring SSGWNBTD
222 One Piece Movie 6 Yakety Sax Boots Randolph Spookzter
223 Full Metal Alchemist Sound Clip Freddy Got Fingered =DarKNesS=
224 Battle Athletes Victory Rat Race Baha Men Zarxrax
225 Spirited Away Trogdor Strong Bad Kosh_003
226 Death Note I Can Tell You Shop At Hot Topic The Gothsicles SSGWNBTD
227 Saikano Tidal Wave Longwave Zarxrax
228 Azumanga Daioh Bark At The Moon Ozzy Osbourne Corpsegoddess
229 Death Note L Is For Loser Lee Harding Sinistro
230 Azumanga Daioh Fire It Up Black Label Society Strawberry Key
231 Paranoia Agent Puppet Pals Dexter's Lab Yagi Karu
232 Child's Toy Little Old Lady From Pasadena Beach Boys Zarxrax
233 Love Hina Hell Isn't Good DVDA feat. James Hetfield Gryzlee
234 Mahoromatic E3 Sound Clip Bill Ritch Luke Harris
235 Perfect Blue Pop Star Ken Hirai Zarxrax
236 Berserk Little Bonus Room Skullmonkeys Phatpug
237 Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Sonic Boom Pastiche Hungry Sano
238 Lucky Star Are You Serious Stimulant Djs Taifunbrowser
239 Cowboy Bebop Hide And Seek Imogen Heap Aesling
240 Dragon Ball GT Monkey Vs. Robot James Kochalka Superstar TheRealInferno
241 Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Dance Epidemic Electric Six Tyashki
242 Grenadier Shake Your Booty KC & The Sunshine Band XzmanX
243 Pokemon Sound Clip Street Fighter II KentaroPJJ
244 Azumanga Daioh Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 (Live Version) Pink Floyd GloryQuestor
245 Popotan Milkshake Kelis Yoko Seishirou
246 Akira He's Got The Whole World In His Hands Classic Children's Song Minion
247 Keroro Gunsou We Are The Champions Crazy Frog Gryzlee
248 Pokemon Death Is A Bitch Evil Dead Musical Doki doki
249 Chobits Blow My Whistle DJ Alligator Project XzmanX
250 Trigun Ghost Love Score Nightwish Luke Harris
251 Vandread Dr.Tran's Quiet Log Time Lone Sausage Hadien
252 Kappa Mikey Chicken Dance Werner Thomas Wzom Productions
253 Death Note, Dokuro-Chan Sandstorm, This Club Is Closed Forever Darude, Razzia SSGWNBTD
254 AMV Hell 4 Welcome to the Black Parade My Chemical Romance SSGWNBTD


Awesomely eerie instrumental.