Thursday, January 7, 2010

3 Great AMVs from Nostromo


Here are 3 great Anime Music Videos by Nostromo, who makes some of the best AMVs out there.

Galaxy Pad

This video was created from a short film from a movie called Genius Party. Genius Party is an anthology of short animated films released on July 7, 2007.
Song: Planet Funk - Stop Me

Running Man

This video uses multiple anime
Song: Utah Saints Something Good (Van She 08 Radio Edit)
These videos by Nostromo are released in HD 720p @ 60 fps and seeing the originals is like seeing a whole new video. Download them here


Nostromo "Auriga is a constellation in the northern sky.
Numerous anime went in to this AMV, post comment for full list.
Songs: DJ Spoke Watch Them Fall Down (Montano Dub)
Comments from Nostromo
4 months of work : 1 to get and select the footage, 1 to cut and clean the footage, 1 for the editing and 1 to add some effects and transitions. Not the big project I had in mind for the past 2 years yet.
As usual, the result is quite different from what I imagined when I started.


Awesomely eerie instrumental.