Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dare to Love Again

    A perfect match between the anime and song, this editor did a really good job of presenting a story through this AMV. Such a good job in fact that I was moved by this AMV.

Song: Carnival of Rust
Artist: Poets of the Fall
Anime: Clannad -  Watch this AMV
Editor: Perfect-Blue

    In our world, human relationships are the keys to happiness, but there are times when not everyone can open their door. We often fall into despair and isolate ourselves from the reality of the world when our key is nowhere to be found. It is at these times when we need the support of others to guide us through our hardships and reassure us of our place within society. In society, our families are integral in providing us with the proper support that we need when our lives take a turn for the worst. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the miraculous support of their families. Individuals living in a dysfunctional family often fall into a state of frustration and anger; unable to maintain proper stability in their lives. While family members are irreplaceable, their roles are not. Sometimes we need our friends to fill the roles of a family in order to provide us with the necessary support.

   Clannad is a pretty popular series and as an interesting bit of info, Clannad is the Irish word for "family" or "clan" which fits the theme of the show quite nicely.


Awesomely eerie instrumental.