Thursday, August 25, 2011

Naruto Shippuden Pain Battle

    Have been following Naruto as a fan for quite a while. It started with the anime but being a big fan of Berserk was missing the manga experience cause it's releases are to far apart, so went back to the very beginning Naruto in the manga. The series is just amazing in print form as it is in video, so much so that I hardly watch the anime. When I do watch it, it is out of the curiosity of seeing the differences or watching a battle. The series is just simply amazing, and here is a fight scene with Naruto and Pain. It is a really sweet music video and probably the only for Naruto that I've like so far.

    The world of Naruto is probably the most interesting aspect of the show. Despite being a show about ninja, the soldiers in this manga are really ninja in name only. They're actually much more reminiscent of modern soldiers with flashy ninja magic than mysterious, stealthy ninja.

    There characters are a rather nice aspect of the show. Many of them are archetypes, but I find them entertaining regardless. They've all had there own backstory come out over time and it add a layer of depth that others don't have.



Awesomely eerie instrumental.