Sunday, February 13, 2011

Music Video Made in Blender

    On the BlenderNation website there was a post from a long time Blender user titled 
"27 inspirational and jaw dropping Blender creations", by the community of course. After watching them, definitely recommended checking them all out, the longest one was under 10 minutes.

    Well 1 of those 27 videos is a music video, it was a good one to. It definitely inspires one to create a music video with Blender. Any who the title for the video is  Kopek-Stop and the artists web page is @ Online Portfolio of Eoin Duffy

   Don't forget Blender is Open Source Software that is free, there are hundreds of different learning resources that are also free and most of them are great quality. BlenderGuru is one example of great free tutorials. Andrew provides the a base file to start with, and the one he finished, plus other things like the textures are available, and when you open the .blend file it has all the textures and everything down to the layout of the program windows and buttons from the last person who saved the file (again all with free software).


Awesomely eerie instrumental.