Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year!

    Hello everyone, it's gonna a be a good New Year, and am looking forward to it. Have been busy with many projects. Am glad to be a member of  the OpenShot Video Editor. The project could always use contributors such as translators.

    Another project underway is the development of my video game, yet to be named. It is a simple game that has arcade style gameplay made with the help of Unity 3d game engine.

    Haven't posted a good AMV in along time so am glad to have found a good one based off of Naruto Shippuden. Just about every AMV for Naruto that I've seen was completely lame, scenes chopped up in windows movie maker and laced with Linkin Park. Every one shoould do them selves a favor and check out the power of Free Software (open source).

----Demonstration of Open Source Software

Artist: Tweaker
Music: Doom³ Theme
Anime: Naruto


Awesomely eerie instrumental.