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Check Out the Celestia

Celestia is a 3-D astronomy program created by Chris Laurel. The program is based on the Hipparcos Catalogue (HIP) and allows users to travel through an extensive universe, modeled after reality, at any speed, in any direction and at any time in history. Celestia displays and interacts with objects ranging in scale from artificial satellites to entire galaxies in three dimensions using OpenGL, from perspectives which would not be possible from a classic planetarium or other ground based display.

NASA and ESA have used Celestia in their educational and outreach programs, as well as for interfacing to trajectory analysis software.
Celestia is available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. Released under the GNU General Public License, Celestia is free software.

Celestia users can travel/fly through the Celestia universe using simple keyboard controls, at any speed from 0.001m/s to millions of light years/s. Viewpoints can be set to look forward, backward or at any angle t…

Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton

This AMV features the song Code Monkey by Jonathan Coulton, using footage from the anime Black Heaven.
AMV Editor: Turbo Clips

   A lot of people ask where the song is available, you can buy it at Jonathan Coulton's website for 0.99 or from itunes for the same price. Its released under the Creative Commons license, which grants use for projects like this. Thanks Jonathan!

    Others have asked about the anime, Legend of Black Heaven. This anime is about a man who was in a rock band in his younger days, but they broke up as the members grew up and got married. Years later, in a dead end job and dull marriage, he's approached by aliens who want him to play his music to save them...

    Similar to the way music was influential in Macross, alien research has shown that the music of the disbanded rock band "Black Heaven" is able to power their ultimate weapon and turn the tables on what is inferred as a losing war.

Real world references
The name Black Heaven is a refere…

Cowboy Bebop AMVs

Anime from Music Video: Cowboy Bebop
Song: August Moon by Dylan In The Movies
Fellow Cowboy Bebop fans, do you remember that very first time you finished watching the last episode?

This amv is dedicated to the memory of Spike and the whole Bebop crew: they fought, they laughed and they bled with one another and somehow through it all, they became a family. It's dedicated to that moment when we all knew, when Faye and Jet knew, that we had finally come to the end, our last adventure with Spike. On a night like that, it felt like there was no one else around, under the august moon where Spike would fall forever, and we could no longer hold onto him.

"Why do you have to go? Where are you going? What are you going to do, just throw your life away, like it was nothing?"

"I'm not going there to die. I'm going to find out if I'm really alive. I have to do it, Faye."

After all these years, we still miss you, Spike. Bebop is still my favorite a…

A cute AMV

Misa Regretting what Misa Said, created by Jennifer Dury.
The song is Regretting what I said by Christine Lavin.
The video uses various anime sources, but the person singing is from Death Note. I like when she took the dog Ien from Cowboy Bebop and composited it on to another clip. She also composited the death note book in the snow scene when the book falls onto the snow.

I always thought that Misa got the shaft in the Death Note anime---she gets used and abused by Light through the whole thing and then basically shoved off to the side for the second half of the series. The creator of the AMV wanted to give her a voice---give her some "teeth" to bite back at Light. She had been a fan of Christine Lavin's for song for years and thought it fit Misa perfectly. I hope you enjoy it.

Death Note and Misa

Raito Yagami is an intelligent young man who resents what appears to be a relentless increase of crime and corruption in the world around him. His life undergoes a drastic ch…